Grillfest 2011 was a great and hot event!

On Saturday, Veikand participated with 2 teams in Grillfest 2011 in both BBQ and Grill categories. We were able to prove that grilling is easy, when you have a good team and the company of Raps spices and marinades. We used the Classic range of Raps products: Maripur Spare Ribs and Papageno. The best result, 3rd place, came from Tallegg´s Chicken Grill Round. With 106 points and the 5th place in the Rakvere Royal BBQ Ribs round, we were just a few points away from the leaders. We also gave a good performance in the grilling competition: 5th in the Fantasy round and together with good results in other categories we got the 9th place in total range. Call and ask us for samples of our victorious marinades! Many thanks to the organizers, customers, guests and members of the team! GALLERY

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