Bread crumbs

Breads crumbs is very popular ingredient in many food recepies.

Product description: Breadcrumb 4096 is produced by using wheat flour, water, salt,vegetable oil, yeast and paprica powder. Breadcrumb 4096 is used by producing many meat products to get better texture, yield and to keep moisture in the product. No GMO components. Product is white- brownish, neutral aroma and taste is typical for white bread.

Breadcrumb 4096 take 3,6 – 3,9 part of water in recepies.

Moisture 8 – 10 %
Density 380 – 450 g/l
Salt content: 1,4 – 1,6%
Energy 337,6 kcal/1438,4 kJ
Fat content 1,7 g/100g
Protein content 10,5 g/100g
Fibre content 3,7 g/100g

Keep closed bags in dry place. Best before: find from package.

20 kg plastic bags
600 kg/ 30 bags on the pallet

Producer: Kerry Ingredients GmbH


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