Starter cultures


AS Veikand is the official representer of one of world leader in additives production- Danisco A/S. Culture gives to product unique taste and texture. At the same time it keep products from spoilage. Some cultures- probiotics- have got positive effect on our organism and health.

We can offer you cultures in three different forms- frozen, freeze-dried and liquid.

Danisco cultures can be divided like this:

- Mesophilic cultures->CHOOZIT range. Cultures range, that has cultures for cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese and curd production. More information you can get  here.

- Termophilic cultures->YO-MIX range. Many possibilities to produce fresh fermented products (yoghurt) with different consistence and taste. Precise introduction opens here. In January 2011 A/S Danisco introduces new more forgiving YO-MIX™ yogurt culture. Danisco has developed YO-MIX™ yogurt cultures with the ability to meet the need for a culture that produces mild acidification during storage. This has been seen as a major issue all over the world for yogurt producers, as the yogurt will have a different sensory profile at the beginning and end of the shelf life. Read more here!

- Probiotic cultures-> HOWARU Premium Probiotics. Danisco has a selection of probiotics, that will do good to your health. We have got to offer many different types. Please take a look also at

- Shelf life extending cultures->HOLDBAC cultures. Cultures, that prevent dairy product from spoilage and pathogens. Those are natural cultures. There are Holdbac cultures for fresh fermented products, cheese and meat products.


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