AS Veikand represents in Estonia Switzerland company Firmenich flavours. We have wide range of flavours to beverages, backery, ice cream and dairy products as well as to confectionary and culinary products.

We have got flavour profiles from juicy and fresh to strong and spicy. Firmenich has got mostly natural but also synthetical flavours. Those are availabe in liquid, powder or encapsulated powder form.

Firmenich is market leader for encapsulated flavour solutions-Durarome and Flexarome. In those products flavour oils are embedded in a water soluable carbohydrate matrix, which brings a longer shelf life and stability. Durarome encapsulated powders have got very good soluability and they keep constant flavour profile. Flexarome is appreciated, because when you mix it with sensitive products (like juice), then flavour stays stable and at the same time encapsulated powders are resistant to heating and moisture.

 Every month Firmenich works out new consept of flavour. You can take look at it, please kontact Kerli Mathiesen, responsible sales manager in AS Veikand.

 Whatever taste you are looking for- we can make it perfect!


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