Other ingredients

Fibrex-we offer natural fibre, that is produced from sugar beet. It is natural product, that is produced in former Dansico plant in South- Sweden. We offer this product in four different size, starting from powder and end with granule.

Fibrex for bakery:

-extends shelf life

-increases outcome

-gives softness

-increases fiber content

-improves texture

- decreases pieces removal

Fibrex using in meatproduct and half-finished food gives juicyness, texture and increases yield.

Thickeners- hydrocolloids. Additives, that stabilise products and give to product thick texture or gel. All thickeners arewater soluable polysaccharides with a highly functional effect at low dosages. Those product are also perfect to stabilise and protect proteins.

We offer Danisco hydrocolloids as monocomponents, but also as ready multicomponent compositions. The purpose of those products is to quarantee end products thicker/ creamy texture and consistency. Our hydrocolloids are made of high quality raw material.

Available are following monocomponents based products:

- Alginates
- Guar gum E412
- Carrageenan E40
- Locust bean gum E410
- Xanthan gum E415
- Pectin E440                                      


Antimicrobials- we have offer to you antimicrobials, that kill or inhibit unwished microorganisms in food, without effecting other food properties (taste, consistency etc). Danisco has got wide range of natural and also synthetical antimicrobials, that quarantee longer shelf life. Those products are suitable for beverage, dairy and meat products as well as for culinary products.  More info about the oppurtunities please ask from Veikand AS!


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